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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rick Dempsey, 1986 Topps #726

Rick Dempsey is adrift in a hazy field of white, much like all of us here in Baltimore. It's been an unusually snowy winter in the Mid-Atlantic region, but even so we haven't had any truly heavy snowfalls yet. The storm that just started an hour or so ago promises to be the heaviest of the year, with my neighborhood projected in the four-to-ten inches range. At any rate, I've already got the day off tomorrow and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a five-day weekend. If nothing else, it would make Friday's drive down to North Carolina to visit the in-laws a little more of a relaxing proposition. Anyhow, if you're anywhere in the path of this frosty precipitation, hunker down if you can and be careful if you must take to the roads. I'll be housebound on Thursday, and I prefer it that way.

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