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Monday, February 3, 2014

Lenn Sakata, 198? Orioles Postcards

Here's another one of the paper treasures recently unearthed from my grandma's old photo collection. It's completely blank on the back, so I have no idea what year it was printed and distributed to Orioles fans, except that it would have been some time during Lenn Haruki Sakata's illustrious tenure in Baltimore. That narrows it down to the 1980 through 1985 seasons. Perhaps it was issued in my birth year of 1982, which also happened to be Lenny's best overall season. He played in 136 games, far and away a career high, and batted .259/.323/.370 with 18 doubles, 6 HR, and 31 RBI. Of course, the most memorable inning of Sakata's career took place in 1983, so it would be neat if this were a postcard of '83 vintage too.


Al Kawamoto said...

I remember watching this game in horror---couldn't believe what was happening--but as of Japanese descent, loved Lenn-he was my late fathers favourite player

Commishbob said...

Kevin, 1983 and '85 were the two years of Sakata's career that the O's didn't wear the orange tops.

I have all the postcards cards from that era, but not in any order. Somewhere I have a book that was privately published that IDs all the postcards that the O's put out. I may have to dig that out. I've been meaning to organize mine.