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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wayne Gross, 1986 Donruss #535

Group mentality can be hard to break, so I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's contemplating fresh starts and new beginnings in these first days of 2014. But the word "resolutions" is so loaded with negative connotations and well-meaning but easily-abandoned plans. So I'm taking a cue from a friend of mine and laying out a list of personal goals, both small and large, for the coming year:

-Travel to Europe this summer with Janet. We haven't finalized anything, but Italy and Ireland are both atop the list.

-Get in better physical shape. I know, I know. Take a number.

-Do more reading. I've got two books waiting on my Nook and at least a half-dozen more on my shelves that require my attention.

-Do more writing. This blog (and my other one) are an entertaining enough use of my time, but I feel like there's a story I need to tell. I've spent several years distracting myself and making excuses for not practicing my craft. Why wait another year?

-The madness ends here. Finish the grand baseball card sorting and organization project that has been festering for nearly two years. Every card deserves its proper place, from the majestic 1953 Topps to the putrescent 1986 Donruss. I'll thank you not to search through my blog archives to find the previous oaths I've sworn on this account.

That's five chief goals for this, the most recent year of my life. Five things to accomplish, and 365 days in which to accomplish them. Oops, make that 364. No time to lose!

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Oriole Paul said...

Go to Italy!! Pompeii, Rome, and Florence will blow you away. My ex-wife was from Naples (skip it, beautiful but its NYC with older architecture) and we went every year. Milan is stuck up and Venice is overrated. Hit up Rome then go south and you'll have a blast.