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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ryan Minor, 2001 Fleer Triple Crown #179

Can you believe that it's Ryan Minor's 40th birthday already? Don't worry; I didn't get him anything either. Here's some enlightening facts about the busted Oriole prospect-turned-minor league manager:

-He never hit a major league homer with a runner on base. He only hit five round-trippers total: three solo shots with the O's in 1999 and a pair of solo blasts with the Expos in 2001.

-Ryan hit the first home run in Lancaster Barnstormers history on May 17, 2005.

-His brother Damon, a first baseman who played parts of four seasons with the Giants, was born on the same date: January 5, 1974. What are the odds? ;-)


Zach said...

I feel like a clownshoe for never putting two and two together to realize that they were brothers, let alone twins. KB for the win yet again!

jacobmrley said...

1:365 actually. My best friend and his sister have the same birthday 4 years apart. Some couples just like boning on the same day each year, I suppose.