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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rick Sutcliffe, 1993 Fleer Flair #158

As you may have heard, today's Polar Bear Plunge was canceled due to the weather. Winds on the Chesapeake Bay got up to 25 mph, creating three-foot waves on the water. There were more snow showers today, adding to the snow and ice that had already accumulated ashore earlier in the week. Sadly, it's not logistically possible to postpone to another date. I would like to offer thanks again to those of you who generously donated to Maryland Special Olympics by sponsoring my aborted plunge. Just so you don't feel completely hosed, Janet has assured me that she intends to photograph me cavorting in my swimsuit on the small snow-covered court at the bottom of the hill in our neighborhood. It's probably just as well that I didn't dunk myself in the Bay in 30-degree temps; my beard has not been trimmed in months and it has superseded the face follicles of Rick Sutcliffe in length. I imagine that having my beard freeze right on my face would be unpleasant.


Oriole Paul said...

How about a vid of you doing a snow day version of Dempsey's rain delay Babe Ruth at bat? That would be more awesome than anything I could ever think of.

Kevin said...

If it would guarantee a snow day, I'd gladly do that, Paul!