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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jeffrey Hammonds, 1998 Fleer Ultra #132

Baseball cards can elicit so many emotions in us. What do you feel when you gaze upon the grotesquerie of Jeffrey Hammonds' intense mid-throw grimace? Is it bemusement? Boundless terror? Curiosity? A vague sense of discomfort? Perhaps it's all of the above. Personally, I'd go with a mixture of the first two. That's a pretty danged silly face, but there's something wild and dangerous in those bugged-out eyes and that twisted mouth.


jacobmrley said...

Have you seen this? http://cnsmaryland.org/interactives/baltimore-stallions-oral-history/

Were you a Stallions fan? Just curious because I had never heard the story of this team.

Kevin said...

Max, I saw the article and enjoyed it greatly. I was a Stallions fan, as I'd just gotten into football around that time and was thrilled to have a hometown team to cheer. I wish I would've actually made it to a game, but I watched a good number of them on TV. I never understood why Mike Pringle wasn't a star in the NFL.