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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Curt Schilling, 1990 Donruss #667

Yesterday's blog post about the Polar Bear Plunge received a bigger response than I'd anticipated. Three donors in, and I've already cleared the $75 minimum in donations that is required to take the plunge. So thanks to my benefactors: Oriole Paul, Randy, and Curt Schilling.

Wait, what?

No joke. If you go to my Plunge page, you'll see a donor listing for Curtis Schilling. I have no way of verifying that the veteran of 20 major league seasons and owner of 216 career wins (plus 11 more in the postseason) actually visited my blog and felt compelled to sponsor my dip in the Bay. After all, my readership tends to be in the dozens. But stranger things have happened. Consider the circumstantial evidence:

-Curt knows his way around a computer, and used to interact with Boston fans on the Sons of Sam Horn message board;

-Really, who would be bored enough to make a donation under a false name, thereby giving the credit to a famous athlete?

Of course, once it sunk in that Schilling may have found his way here, I had to take a hasty trip through my archives to make sure I hadn't taken any cheap shots at him in the past. But it looks like I've behaved myself. There were a few references to him having a big mouth, but I don't think it's the first time that anyone's said that.

Anyhow, Curt, if you're reading: thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your generosity.


Zach said...

If you've seen the ledger sheets for 38 Studios, you'd know that it probably wasn't really Curt...

Kevin said...

Zach - You couldn't help yourself, could you?

Zach said...

Hey I love Curt, but given his financial situation, I'd actually hope he's saving his money!

But seriously, there is an outside chance that it was him. Usually when you donate money it asks for billing name and then you can donate under any name; but in your donation platform, it just asks for the name. Could've been him!