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Friday, October 18, 2013

Vintage Fridays: Bob Grich, 1974 Topps #109

If anybody needs me today, I'm combing through a 3000-or-so-count box of well-used 1970s Topps commons on loan from my buddy Ed. In exchange for bits of American currency, he's allowing me to do some set-building. I've already got this card, which features Bobby Grich, baserunner Pedro Garcia of the Brewers, and a bunch of empty Memorial Stadium bleacher seats. But perhaps I can give it some company in my partially complete 1974 Topps binder. Everybody wins!

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Anonymous said...

Those empty bleachers were in center field and were almost exclusively used for end zone seats for Colts game. However, they were used on occasion for games when sellout crowds were expected, and in fact I sat there in September of 1982 for the Friday night DH sweep of the Brewers when the O's made their frantic final push for the AL East title.