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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rick Bauer, 2003 Topps Total #713

Hey kids! Let's count the falsehoods on the back of Rick Bauer's Topps Total card!

-"Used primarily as a middle reliever, Bauer has proven that he can come in and hold a lead." In 2002, Rick was charged with six losses and three blown saves in relief. Oh, but he did have 12 "holds", so in the barest sense, I guess there's some truth.

-"He can get hitters to swing through his fastball or slider." 2002: 45 strikeouts in 83.2 innings pitched, a rate of 4.8 strikeouts per nine innings. So I guess he simply chose not to get most hitters to swing and miss?

-"Improved command of his pitches." 2002: 36 walks, 3.9 per nine innings. He'd walked two per nine innings in the minors in 2001. Maybe Topps was making a friendly suggestion to Rick.

-I'll give Topps the benefit of the doubt on Bauer's listed height (6'6"), weight (212 pounds), and handedness (right). I'm in a generous mood.

1 comment:

GCA said...

"..swing through the fastball or slider" But what they didn't say is that the changeup goes to the wall pretty much every time...