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Monday, December 7, 2009

Larry Bigbie, 2004 Topps #453

Things that spring to mind when viewing this card:

-Who is that Seattle catcher? My guess is Dan Wilson. Backup Ben Davis only appeared in two night games at Camden Yards in 2003.

-Actually, it may be Pat Borders. The only day game that the Mariners played in Baltimore was September 7, and the ex-Jays backstop got the start. Wilson entered in the eighth inning, but was not behind the plate for a Larry Bigbie at-bat. The O's won 2-1, thanks to a combined five-hitter by Pat Hentgen and Jorge Julio (go figure).

-Bigbie totaled 31 home runs in his career and was rarely healthy. I hope he got a refund for those steroids he took.

-It was considerate of Topps to blur out the face of the little girl behind home plate. I'm sure the husky gentleman in the Cal Ripken, Jr. farewell tee with the bottle of Bud (who may be her father) also appreciates his anonymity.


Ken said...

Look at that pine tar on his bat. If Billy Martin were alive there'd be Hell to pay.

Core Contrarian said...

The umpires were on strike that week.

Call your own pitches.

Orioles Magic said...

The brick that they added behind home plate since then really looks a lot better.

Kevin said...

Ken - It's a shame Billy Martin didn't live long enough to be fired in midgame.

Core Contrarian - How very odd.

Ryan - Agreed. I was unsure about it at first but it's grown on me.