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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Koji Uehara, 2009 Topps T206 Autographs #FMA-2

One of the neat little perks of being a team collector and blogger is that you don't always have to go out chasing the shiny rare inserts. I haven't opened a single pack of T206 or done an eBay search for it, yet I'm in possession of this excellent framed mini autograph card of Koji Uehara, the first Japanese player in Orioles history. I like his signature. I can make out "Koji", and then it gets ridiculous. I can't imagine what that's supposed to be, because it's not English and I'm reasonably sure it's not Kanji. I hope I got that right.

Earlier this week, Larry (a.k.a. The Sewingmachineguy) emailed me to offer up this fine card for trade. He is a Tigers fan, and by a stroke of luck, one of the few non-Orioles relic cards that I have is of ex-Tigers prospect Cameron Maybin. So I sent Cameron and his little gray jersey swatch off to Michigan and reaped the benefits. Thanks, Larry!


Orioles Magic said...

This is an awesome card. I am still chasing my first Koji autograph and hope that he will be at Fanfest this year!

the sewingmachineguy said...

Glad you like the card. Keep me in mind if you come across anything Detroit related. Peace.

Commish said...

Hey Kevin. That card looks really cool. I don't know anything about them. Looks like they are smaller t206 size cards 'inside' a standard size card. Sort of like how game used uni pieces are put in them. Am I close?

Dinged Corners said...

Beautiful! We've had our eye on that one for a while. Excellent cardboard happiness.

Ken said...

Great card.

What are the other Orioles autos in this set like that one? I've seen Rich Hill and David Hernandez. Any others?

Kevin said...

Ryan - Best of luck!

Larry - Thanks, I sure will.

Bob - Yeah, that's pretty much what it is.

DC - It's well worth tracking down :)

Ken - I know about the DH autograph, but Rich Hill is news to me and seems like an odd choice. There's also a Nick Markakis relic card.