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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brady Anderson, 1998 Topps Stars #105

After Monday's Roberto Alomar card that looked like spin art gone horribly wrong, I thought I might do a theme week of hideously designed 1990s cards. For whatever reason I decided against it; maybe I didn't want to limit myself to just seven days of ugly. Nevertheless I am going back to that well tonight.

We've got it all here: bad photo (does Brady Anderson really have four chins?), pointless set with bonus serial numbering on the back, hideous unreadable space-age font made even less legible by gold foil, and of course a background that features Jacobs Field (I'm guessing) melting into outer space its very self. Oh, and did I mention that Brady is glossy, while the rest of the card front has a canvas texture? Eccchhh.

All things told, the 2000s may not have been a great decade, but at least cards like this didn't happen on their watch.


Ken said...

Ha ha, all your points are valid about this Brady card. Yet I like it. I don't know why, but I do. Maybe because I've never seen it before and it isn't a standard run of the mill issued card.

jacobmrley said...

and it is numbered to 9799, which means there are almost 10,000 people who have to suffer with it.

Commish said...

Gold foil is the Devil's joy. Is it ever readable?

Kevin said...

Ken - I have seen worse, I'll say that.

Max - You're assuming that the other 9798 cards haven't been burned.

Bob - I love that, and may quote you later.