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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Melvin Mora, 2006 Fleer Ultra #104

As you can see, Melvin Mora is wearing his pink wristband to support breast cancer research on Mother's Day (Sunday, May 8, 2005). Though the pink accessories suited the O's hitters well that day, the pitchers had no such luck, as Kansas City left Oriole Park at Camden Yards with a 10-8 win. Of course, four Baltimore errors didn't help matters much. Still, Mora stood out with a home run, a double, and three RBI in the game. What else would you expect from the major leagues' only father of quintuplets? He was working overtime to pay tribute to the important women in his life.

The Birds don't have a great Mother's Day track record in recent years, as you may be painfully aware. But that should be a secondary concern this afternoon. Step away from the television or computer for a bit, and let the mothers in your life know what they mean to you.

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