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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eddie Murray, 1988 Donruss Baseball's Best #142

Only Eddie Murray could make the batting-helmet-over-the-cap style look cool. The single black glove and the matching orange wristbands don't hurt. But take a closer look at his left wristband, which is facing the camera. If I'm not mistaken, Eddie is wearing wristbands that bear his own likeness, complete with afro. (It's either him or Lionel Richie.) Seriously, do you think Kelly Gruber would have been able to pull that off? Or, say, Ozzie Smith? Okay, maybe Andre Dawson could make it work. But to my knowledge, Eddie Murray is the only member of the 500 home run, 3,000 hit, self-referential wristband club. It's truly a badge of honor.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Wow. Who knows how cool '88 Donruss would have been if they used a variety of colors to match the photos. That would have been AWESOME.

jacobmrley said...

a) most people don't know Mel Ott had a line of bloomers in the 30's with his likeness.

b) Willie Mays could have totally pulled off the wristband-with-his-own-likeness, but Willie was too cool for even himself.

c) That card has more orange than Syracuse. and it works.

Commish said...

Eddie Murray personifies 'cool'.

--David said...

That puts the "O" in cOol, Orioles, Orange, and awesOme!

HandyAndy said...

I think you'll find Barry Bonds had some wristbands with his own image on them too, back when he was with the Pirates.

HandyAndy said...

In fact check these out, maybe Eddie's carry a similar message?

Andy said...

uh, the guy on the wrist bands is clearly white, not black. It ain't Eddie.

Mr P said...

My thunder has been stolen - I don't think Eddie Murray could do something which wasn't cool. He just has it and when you have it, you have it. One of my childhood heroes and I guy I respect so much. Sadly he is the kind of guy which you don't find too much in this era. A dying breed?

Kevin said...

Jeffrey - The Baseball's Best was all orange borders. As an O's fan, I naturally love it.

Max - Mel Ott bloomers? Too funny.

HandyAndy - Thanks for the link!

Andy classic - I didn't say it was a GOOD likeness. That's why I said it was either him or Lionel Richie.

Mr. P - Adam Jones could be the heir to the coolness throne.