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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vaughn Eshelman, 1992 Stadium Club Dome #44

When Vaughn Eshelman graduated from the University of Houston in 1991, his classmates selected him as "Most Likely to Confuse His Topps Photo Shoot with a Modeling Gig for J. Crew".


deal said...

Just beating the wire tonight?

Commish said...

Eat 'Em Up, Cougars, Rah Rah Rah!!!

Yes, like me,he's a Coog alum but I gotta say that's the dumbest baseball card I've seen in awhile.

Anonymous said...

I remember this guy, and thinking he might be decent. another miss.

Kevin said...

deal - You got it! Had a phone call from an old friend and lost track of time. :)

Bob - There are more where that came from. For whatever reason, many of Topps' draft pick cards across their brands in 1992 (Topps, Stadium Club, and Bowman) went with that "yearbook photo" motif. Some of them are really embarrassing, clotheswise.

Anon. - I remember the Red Sox nabbing him in the Rule V, and he got off to a great start before fading. He was out of the league in three years.

William said...

1992 Topps had some of the most disgusting prospect photos ever [Jason Pruitt and Tom McKinnon come to mind]. Even Manny Ramirez's card shows him wearing some sort of youth league jersey.

Kevin said...

William - Have you ever seen Mariano Rivera's 1992 Bowman RC? He's wearing this goofy polo shirt and bone khakis hiked up to his nipples. Check it out!