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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jason Johnson, 2002 Fleer Tradition #394

Everyone's favorite diabetic righthanded pitcher is on the move once again. Earlier today, Jason Johnson signed a minor league contract with the Yankees, with an invite to Spring Training. The Bronx Bombers are the ninth MLB organization for Jason, following the Pirates, Devil Rays, Orioles, Tigers, Indians, Red Sox, Reds, and Dodgers. To be honest, I keep forgetting that he's still around. He had two pretty good years in Baltimore (2001: 10-12, 4.09 ERA; 2003: 10-10, 4.18), but spiraled downward after joining Detroit as a free agent in 2004 (20-42 overall). In 2006, he played for three different teams. The following year, he went to Japan, but pitched only seven games for the Seibu Lions (1-4, 4.36). But pitching is such an elusive and coveted commodity that teams keep bringing him back: a 35-year-old with a 56-100 career record (.359 win percentage) and a 4.99 ERA and 1.49 WHIP. It has been a full decade since he notched a winning record in a major league season (8-7 for the 1999 O's). Here's to you, Jason Johnson, and to your Sisyphean task of posting a won-lost record above .500.


Anonymous said...

frankly, I couldn't stand this guy. He wasn't even as good as Dave Johnson. Just bad memories after the glory days.


Anonymous said...

This guy is a waste of skin! Not only does he suck at pitching, he's a huge douche bag in person. Anyone ever read his blog he kept for a few months while in Japan? What an ass he made of himself. I cannot believe he may play for the best team ever, GAWD HELP THEM!!!!