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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dan Ford, 1984 Donruss #367

A series of open-ended questions about this card:

1. Why did Donruss choose a picture of what was undoubtedly one of Dan Ford's weakest, most uncertain swings of the bat?

2. Check out the biceps on that guy. Who knew that Disco Dan had such massive guns?

3. Why did they call him "Disco Dan", anyway?

4. How did he get trapped in an impressionist painting?

5. Why are the team name and player name in two different shades of yellow?

6. As nifty as those aviator glasses look, didn't Dan realize that Rec Specs were the way to go?

7. Aren't you glad that no one wears those crummy elastic waistband pants any more?

8. Doesn't it look like Ford's trying to pulverize the Donruss logo with his bat?

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Costanza's Brother said...

According to an article on mlb.com

"I had some friends that owned a disco. We started the disco club out of there," he said. "We officially made it with some T-shirts and a trophy, and we brought it to the stadium. That's what made it really get going, 200-300 people had bought T-shirts and sat out in right field on occasions."