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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Adam Loewen, 2007 Topps #78

Okay, this video has already been all over the blogosphere today but I just can't help myself. If you've somehow avoided it for this long, the following video began appearing on the scoreboard at Orioles games this week, and it delights me to no end. After initially cringing at the outdated and hokey "Orioles Magic" song, Kevin Millar and company have made it their own. Sure, they're laughing at it, but it's pretty cheesy. Let's face it, it's not the 1980s any more. Besides, they're showing a great sense of humor and team unity. Do you think Joe Girardi's funereal Yankees are playing the keyboards and spelling out the team name with their bodies any time soon?

Without further ado, here's my new favorite video. Look for #15 Kevin Millar on lead vocals, #46 Jeremy Guthrie on backing vocals (and the horn at the beginning), rookie #10 Adam Jones on drums, relievers #45 Dennis Sarfate and #52 George Sherrill on guitars, and of course the man above, currently injured pitcher #29 Adam Loewen rocking some Journeyesque keyboard skills.

It's days like today that I remember why I love this team.

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Mickey said...

man, i miss Millar. One of the most entertaining players in YEARS.