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Monday, December 12, 2016

Fred Lynn, 1988 Fleer #566

So there's this thing I do on this blog (or used to, in the long-ago when I didn't have to be shamed into writing by my restless readers) where I project thoughts, fears, delusions, etc. into the minds of the players pictured on my cards. For instance, even though this photo was snapped nearly 30 years ago, I might suggest that Fred Lynn is wondering what the hell we've all done to deserve a year like 2016. By now you know my personal laundry list of difficulties over the past calendar year: my wife's breast cancer diagnosis in March at 24 weeks pregnant (coinciding with the death of her grandmother), her subsequent treatment before and after our son Finn's June birth, Finn's cleft lip repair surgery in September, the financial stress of paying two mortgages until we finally rented out our old rowhouse IN NOVEMBER...hell, since the last time I posted back in *cough* October, my car battery went kaput and various tow truck snafus stranded me in my workplace parking lot for three-plus hours...and three weeks later, Janet got hit by an elderly driver making an ill-advised left turn just a few blocks from our home, WITH Finn in the car. (They're both fine, and her car will be, with Geico picking up the tab.) So I have plenty of reasons to tell 2016 to go piss up a rope before we even start talking about climate change, or Syria, or the Zika virus, or Brexit, or the neverending roll call of public figures dying, or Donald Effing Trump.

And yet...2016 brought me this daily source of joy, wonder, and warmth.

That's one major exception that proves the rule. As I've taken to saying in recent months, thanks for the baby, 2016. Now go away and never come back.


Commishbob said...

#1...the little guy is awesome. Glad he and your wife are doing well.

#2...2016 was the worst year I can remember. And I'm old enough to remember a lot of them.

Zach said...

Yes! Groveling gets me posts yet again!

Glad to hear an update. Sounds like this year has been one big challenge for you and the family. This will be one of those years you look back at someday and realize all the knowledge you were forced to learn during it set you up for success later on. If you can get through all the battles you listed above and still be of sound mind, there's nothing on this Earth you can't handle.

Rob said...

I have nothing to say, other than it's nice to see an Oriole card of the day again! The bonus baby pics only makes it better.

Oriole Paul said...

Ok, who had Dec 12 in the betting pool?? I personally blame you for our one game playoff loss, putting Tillmans card up in hopes of a W....remember, Steady Eddie is the post season good luck charm! Even w/ all those negatives, Finn makes 2016 a big W for your family! Enough slacking, he should be sleeping through the night by now so you can get back to blogging cardboard for us, your faceless, demanding followers! Here's to another 3rd place finish in 2017!!

adiddle said...

Kevin I know all about 2016. We lost my sister in law and mother in law 4 weeks to the day apart and my wife was pretty low. During the same time my dad had part of his lung removed and it was a long haul but he made it home. The two saving graces for the year were number one son had his second daughter in September and my wife and I plus number two son are heading into the end of the year doing pretty well.
I have prayed for you and Janet and Finn during your times especially when you were not on the site. I hoped for the best. What needs to be done is we all have to put this behind us including the Orioles and go into 2017 with better outlook and let God do the rest.
Your blog family is with you
Take care and keep the faith or as they said in old times "Stay the Course"


GCA said...

Hey, glad to see you back! Will have to move you back up into the top of my bookmarks for blogs.
Now all you have to do is end the other wait we've had, and update your Coveted Cluster listings. :)

I concur with the others about the past year. My dog passed away, I broke up with my girlfriend (though we remain friends and coworkers), my best buddy moved away, and my wantlist website just died. But my job and money situation are fine, and card trading is steadier than ever!