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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mike Cuellar, 2005 Topps Retired Chrome Signature Edition #TA-MC

So my sister's wedding is tomorrow. I'm wiped out from the rehearsal dinner, so you get another "Ooh, lookie what I have" post. Shiny Mike Cuellar on-card autograph. Retro Topps logo. Sideburns. "Baltimore" on the jersey. Crappy scan, because it came in a sticker-sealed plastic holder and I didn't want to disturb it (the scratches are on the holder, not the card). Now I'm off to bed before I pass out in my chair.


Dan said...

I believe Cueller was just named the Rochester Red Wings pitching coach for next year. I'm going to go to a few games and while I'm there try to get his auto.

Kevin said...

Dan - I haven't tracked down anything about Mike, but Floyd Rayford is their new hitting coach.