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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kevin Millar, 2007 Topps Heritage #279

During a home stand last month, Orioles first baseman/Clubhouse Guy Kevin Millar suddenly appeared one night with a new bleached blond hair style. Even more curiously, as he strode to the plate for his first at-bat against the Astros, the PA system pumped out the funky cold rhythms of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby". Rumor has it that Millar had made a bet with former Red Sox teammate Jason Varitek over the NBA Finals. Varitek's Celtics won, and the events of that late June home game represented Millar's fulfillment of the wager. Big Kev has denied that this is the true story, but he sure didn't offer a better explanation, so I'm going with it.

Much like Kevin Millar, I know when I've been beaten. Last month, I made a bet with Thorzul, a Brewers fan and fellow card blogger. The O's were in Milwaukee for a three-game interleague series. Regrettably, the Birds grooved a few too many fat ones to Prince Fielder and lost the last two games of the set after picking up a nail-biting Friday night win. A few days ago, I made good on the wager and guest posted on Thorzul's blog with five of my favorite Brewers cards from my private stash. Give it a read; it was actually a lot of fun to write about a different team for a change...

As long as it's not the Yankees or Red Sox.

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