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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Todd Zeile, 1997 Topps #473

Here we see Todd Zeile following through on a swing in one of his 29 games for the Orioles, his fourth team. He would play for eleven different clubs by the end of his career (and hit a home run for each of them, setting a ML record); he even suited up for the Mets on two separate occasions. His stint with the O's in late 1996 was the shortest stop in any one place in Todd's career. It wasn't that memorable; he hit .239 with 5 home runs and 19 RBI. He was, however, the lone offensive star for the team in their five-game ALCS loss to the Yankees (.364, 3 HR, 5 RBI). The next year it was on to Los Angeles, where Todd hit a career-high 31 home runs.

I chose this card today because I'm feeling a little wanderlust myself. Despite some unseasonable warmth in Maryland this week, we're still in the doldrums of winter and I've spent the past few weekends cooped up in my apartment. Fortunately, I have plans on Saturday to drive across the Bay Bridge to my alma mater.

The first few years after I graduated college, I was a frequent visitor, keeping in touch with friends who were still there, seeing plays, and avoiding the Real World for a weekend at a time. Eventually most of those friends graduated, I found other ways to keep busy, and the trips became less frequent. This will be the first time I've visited since the fall, and I'm looking forward to it. Making this particular 90-minute drive is usually therapeutic, as I enjoy seeing all of the familiar landmarks along the way and just having time to clear my head.

So when I'm in my favorite college bar on Saturday night, I'll raise a draught of Dogfish Head to you, Todd Zeile.


William said...

I'd like to think that Todd Zeile has a lot of people who drink in his honor.

Kevin said...

Well, he certainly should. Not only did he hit a home run in his final at-bat, he also hit the last home run ever off of an Expos pitcher.

Kinky Paprika said...

Ooooh! Dogfish Head! Good stuff.