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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Todd Zeile, 1997 Score #257

Zach was the first to comment on my initial blog post of the year, so I have fulfilled his request to feature Todd Zeile. As you can see, his 29-game stint with the Orioles in 1996 (38 if you include the postseason) was not long enough for the folks at Score to bother depicting him in orange and black in the following year's card set. Instead, he is pictured with the Phillies, who shipped him and Pete Incaviglia to Baltimore on August 29 of the previous season. In return, the Phils received minor league pitchers Calvin Maduro and Garrett Stephenson. Stephenson, incidentally, was a 16-game winner for the Cardinals in 2000, which I certainly could not have told you before looking it up just this moment.

You may remember Todd Zeile showing off his acting chops as "Mullet" in the 2005 Adam Sandler movie "Mr. Deeds", or as "High Roller" in the 2011 comedy "Zookeeper". I certainly don't, but to each his own. Todd also dabbled in film production, and had a few guest starring spots on the Kevin James sitcom "The King of Queens". Because you asked (yes, you did), Zeile's Kevin Bacon Number is 2. He was in "Zookeeper" with Donna Glee Reim, who was in "R.I.P.D." with Kevin Bacon.

So...if you have a problem with seeing guys in Phillies unis on this O's blog, or reading about awful Adam Sandler and Sandler-adjacent movies in this space, take it up with Zach.


Brett Alan said...

I didn't know he acted, and I must admit I don't remember him as an Oriole. Mostly I think of him as a Cardinal, and since I'm a Mets fan I remember his time in Queens well.

He's not the only actor in his family; his wife, Julianne McNamara, was an Olympic gold-winning gymnast who later appeared on such shows as Charles In Charge and a Knight Rider, and their daughter Hannah plays Kate as a teenager on This Is Us.

Zach said...

Yes! Such a great combo - '97 Score and featured in a different jersey. Considering I also love the awful yet transcendental comedy of Adam Sandler, I find this post to be so exquisite I can't even put it into words.

Zach said...
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