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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Chris Tillman, 2015 Topps Allen and Ginter #212

It's a new year, the ninth in the life of this blog. My posting schedule over the final quarter of 2015 was much more sporadic than it's been at any time since I started scanning, writing, and posting way back in 2008 (known to historians as the Dave Trembley Era). But with a new year comes a fresh start, a clean slate if you will. I'm forever waging a war with the procrastinating and disorganized aspects of my personality, and in the words of Bart Simpson, "I can't say I'll try...but I'll try to try". 2015 brought challenges and learning experiences and exciting new developments in my personal life. I'll have more information to share later this week. Isn't that enticing? In the meantime, I thank you, whether you've been reading every day for years, or you just stumbled in somehow, or if you check in from time to time, or even if you wandered away for a while and just came back on a whim. And if you refresh this page on a daily basis, even when I go days or weeks between new posts...I know the feeling, and I hope I can reward your patience. So here's to new starts, right Chris Tillman? No more flirting with an ERA around five and more hits than innings pitched in 2016, right? Pretty please?


Zach said...

Has it really been that many years?

GCA said...

Looking forward to a new Coveted Cluster list!