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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jerry Hairston Jr., 2004 Donruss Team Heroes #44

On April 4, 2001, the Orioles were no-hit by Hideo Nomo in the second game of their season, a harbinger of things to come in the lackluster farewell year of Cal Ripken and Brady Anderson. It was the second no-hitter of Nomo's career, as he struck out 11 (including Jerry Hairston three times) and walked three.

Today, the O's turned in the ultimate getaway day performance, ending their nine-game West Coast swing with a resounding thud. Mariners starter Hisashi Iwakuma held the Birds hitless, joining Nomo as the second Japanese pitcher ever to throw a no-hitter in MLB. I'll never be mistaken for the world's most optimistic Orioles fan to begin with, but I'm sure you won't blame me if I say that I'm making other plans for October.


Commishbob said...

I had to turn it off after 7. Didn't want to see what looked inevitable at that point.

Kevin said...

Thankfully the 3:35 Eastern start time distracted me from watching it.