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Monday, July 6, 2015

Darren O'Day, 2015 Topps Orioles Team Set #BO-6

I'm back from vacation, though I realize that I didn't mention I was leaving for a week. I'm back now, and I can't think of a better way to mark the occasion than by posting a card of 2015 All-Star Darren O'Day. Yep, three and a half years after the Orioles picked up the sidearming reliever on waivers from the Rangers, he's going to his first Midsummer Classic. O'Day (5-0, 1.14 ERA, 2 saves, 0.82 WHIP) and Zach Britton were both chosen for the American League squad by Royals manager Ned Yost. Meanwhile, Adam Jones and Manny Machado were voted in as reserves by their peers, giving the O's four representatives for next week's festivities in Cincinnati. It's been an uneven first half for the Birds, but a few of their standouts players are getting their just due.


Commishbob said...

Really happy for O'Day. Set-up guys gettin' some love!

Rob said...

There should be more Darren O'Day baseball cards in the world.

Zach said...

Don't do this again! I almost filed a missing persons report.

Kevin said...

Bob - It's like vindication for all of the times Joe Torre picked half of the Yankee bullpen for the All-Star team. He probably took Jeff Nelson once and I've blown it out of proportion in my own mind.

Rob - Agreed. Now that he's on the All-Star team, I guess he's guaranteed a Topps Update Series card this year, at least.

Zach - There, there. *reassuring pat on the back*