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Monday, December 22, 2014

Phil Huffman, 1991 Crown/Coca-Cola All-Time Orioles #207

Phil Huffman wasn't just a guy who looked like Ron Howard in a fright wig. He was also the American League leader in losses as a 21-year-old rookie, going 6-18 with a 5.77 ERA for the 1979 Blue Jays. In 173 innings, he allowed 220 hits, 25 homers, and 68 walks, and struck out only 56 batters. That was enough to banish him to the minor leagues until 1985, when the Orioles plucked him from a decent season at AAA Rochester (10-10, 3.49 ERA) for one relief appearance in July and a spot start in October. He gave up four earned runs in each game, totaling 4.2 innings, for a sparkling 15.43 ERA. That was enough to cap his major league career, poor devil.

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