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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chris Davis, 2014 Topps Heritage Chrome #475

Good news! Chris Davis has regained his therapeutic use exemption for Adderall, which should have several positive implications for the 2015 season. Firstly, after he sits out Opening Day, completing the 25-game suspension he received this past September, the first baseman will be free to play for the Orioles without the threat of an additional 80-game ban hanging over him for any further positive tests for the stimulant. Second, if you aren't cynical enough to believe that Davis is gaming the system (and in his favor, Ken Rosenthal reported that the slugger has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD), then he should be back on track with his treatment. One could assume that he'll be better equipped to rebound from 2014's on-field struggles, and in fact if he wasn't getting regular and proper treatment for his disorder prior to this point, that could help explain his dropoff from the prior season. At any rate, I'm just glad that the O's will have one less off-field worry next year.

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