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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Eddie Murray, 1985 Donruss 3x5 All-Stars #9

I got mail today! It was a pair of plain white envelopes taped together, from Friend of Blog (TM) Randy. Included were some 23 O's cards, many of which were brand new to me. I'll hold a few back for the coming days, but this was my absolute favorite from a sheer visual standpoint. The very 80's Tron border, the postcard size (because the only thing better than an Eddie Murray card is a BIGGER Eddie Murray card), and of course, the sheer Eddie-ness of both the action shot and the inset headshot. Some day I might have to make a list of my favorite cards of ol' number 33. Thanks, Randy!


jacobmrley said...

The rippling of the gold chain on the follow through screams EDDIE!

shoeboxlegends said...

Killer card!

Kevin said...

Max - That it does indeed.

shoeboxlegends - Off the top of my head, I can only think of one Eddie Murray card I dislike...1987 Topps. They did their damnedest to make him look uncool and almost succeeded.