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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adam Jones, 2011 Topps Orioles Team Seat #BAL2

If I have any sense - which is debatable - I will be in bed by the time tonight's Orioles game is over. So the magic number countdown will resume tomorrow, and it will be a good one if current trends hold. The Yankees are trailing the Rays in the seventh inning right now, and the O's are holding a 4-1 sixth-inning lead over Boston. Three Baltimore home runs have accounted for the team's offense. The first two were from Alejandro de Aza, which is unexpected. The third was an absolute moon shot over the Green Monster by Adam Jones, which is somewhat more expected. This particular four-bagger was number 25 of the season for Adam, making him the first outfielder in Oriole history with four consecutive 25-homer seasons. Oh, and either a Birds win or a Yankee loss would reduce the magic number to 10, so maybe I got the jump on the countdown anyhow. I'd still like to skip right to nine, but I'm doing my best to jam the brakes.

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