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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nick Markakis, 2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres #84

Yes, it really has been 11 years since the Orioles drafted Nick Markakis, a "dangerous" lefty junior college pitcher with "an above-average fastball and hard-breaking curve that he can spot all over the plate", according to the copy on the back of this card. For some crazy reason, the O's envisioned him as an outfielder. In that capacity, he's won a Gold Glove, appeared in 1,259 games over parts of nine seasons, and collected 1,431 hits (eighth in team history, trailing seventh-place Brian Roberts by 21). I guess that hunch paid off.


Commishbob said...

I literally learn something new every day by reading card blogs. I had no idea that Markakis was a juco pitcher when the O's got him.

Kevin said...

Bob - According to Markakis, the O's were the only team that was interested in him as a position player.