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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Brian Roberts, 2007 Upper Deck First Edition Leading Off #LO-BR

Have I mentioned that typing out six-word (or more) descriptions of card sets drives me bonkers? Anyway, I thought we'd check in with our old snakebitten friend Brian Roberts and see how he's faring in enemy pinstripes. The 36-year-old second baseman has actually appeared in 44 of the Yankees' 51 games, but his stats are underwhelming. He's batting .242/.309/.362 with six doubles, three triples, two home runs, and 11 RBI. He's also 4-for-5 in steals. Of course, the Orioles have given most of their starts at second base to Ryan Flaherty and Jonathan Schoop, and they haven't been any better. But I don't fault the O's for deciding not to roll the dice with Roberts again. Schoop is getting valuable experience at age 22, and has shown flashes of promise. But it still kind of stings to see Brian playing in the Bronx.


Anonymous said...

I'm only just to the point where I'm not completely weirded out to see Brian in pinstripes. I think it was the best for all involved, but I really wish Brian had gone somewhere outside of the AL East.

Kevin said...

You and me both. If he had gone to Atlanta as Dan Uggla insurance, what would the harm have been?