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Friday, July 5, 2013

Vintage Fridays: Ron Hansen, 1963 Topps #88

That's the original Yankee Stadium behind Ron Hansen. More accurately, Hansen is standing in Yankee Stadium. The House That Ruth Built was not an easy place to play, but the mega-million-dollar tribute to capitalism that replaced it in 2009 hasn't had that same intimidating atmosphere. Maybe it has something to do with the common fans being priced out of seats, or maybe they're still there but they're being muffled by the concrete moat that separates them from the field-level seats. At any rate, the Orioles have had a fair share of success there in the past few seasons. Tonight, it's been another edge-of-the-seat battle. 2-1 O's after six innings. I'd like to see the Baltimore bats snap back to life after a lethargic series in Chicago, but then people in hell would like ice water, as my grandmother used to say.   Rally caps on, everybody.

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