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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sam Horn, 1992 Fleer Ultra #6

Last weekend, longtime Orioles Card O' the Day reader and commenter William sent me an email to say that he had just shipped a long-promised "Orioles care package", and that it would be arriving Monday. True to his word, a 12"x10"x8" box was waiting for me when I got home that day. The only thing that I knew about this mysterious package was that William had been on the hunt at thrift stores in his neck of the woods and had found some O's-related items that he thought I'd appreciate. With great amusement and a little trepidation, I tore open the box.

Right on top was the package's lone non-Oriole piece: a Ravens flag football jersey that is so garish, it's wonderful. There was a 1996 Starting Lineup figure of Cal Ripken, Jr. sliding into second base. If you grew up with Starting Lineup toys as I did, you will be relieved to hear that the figure does not really bear a strong resemblance to Junior. There was a Miguel Tejada bobblehead, but his arms broke off in transit. Rafael Palmeiro's bobblehead arrived completely intact. There were replica batting helmets from both the 1980s (tri-color cartoon bird) and 1990s (the original ornithologically-correct bird), a miniature glove with a silver "O's" logo in the pocket, and an Orioles baseball card album with 40 pockets (helpfully filled with an assortment of cards, mostly 1995 Collector's Choice). Last and certainly not least was a baseball autographed by Sam Horn.

I already thanked William in an email, but here's a public thanks as well. He said he considered it a "subscription fee" for the blog. I certainly don't expect anything in return for writing this thing every day, but I'll never turn down free stuff.

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