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Monday, July 29, 2013

Jim Gentile, 1982 TCMA Baseball's Greatest Sluggers #37

July was a rough month for Chris Davis, despite getting voted in as a starter for his first career All-Star Game. The slugging O's first baseman didn't do a whole lot of slugging, when it came right down to it. With two games left in the month, "Crush" has an ugly batting line of .202/.277/.476. He has struck out 39 times in 94 plate appearances with just six walks, and has set an unfortunate team record with whiffs in each of his last 22 games. He's homerless in ten games since the All-Star break, and has gone deep "only" six times in 23 July games. Maybe he just needs to turn the page on the 2013 calendar.

If Chris is looking for inspiration, Baltimore's surprise slugger of yesteryear can offer some. In Jim Gentile's eye-popping 1961 season, he had the best August in Orioles' history. Playing 31 games in the dog days of summer, "Diamond Jim" batted .347/.492/.832(!) with 30 RBI. He blasted 15 home runs in 101 at-bats and struck out only 15 times while taking 25 walks. Gentile was also hit by five pitches that month; if opposing pitchers were trying to bust him inside or knock him off of the plate, they didn't have much luck.

Tomorrow, the basement-dwelling Houston Astros are coming to town. Hopefully they've got the prescription for what ails Chris Davis.

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