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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Erik Bedard, 2007 Topps Allen and Ginter #112

Last night Erik Bedard had ten strikeouts and no hits allowed through the first six and one-third innings against the Mariners. However, he found himself working in a 2-2 game, thanks to a bit of sixth-inning wildness and some poor defense: three walks and two Jason Castro passed balls. After Bedard walked Justin Smoak (free pass number five overall) with one out in the seventh, Houston manager Bo Porter came to the mound to ask if the veteran lefty wanted to stay in the game. With his pitch count at 109, Erik told Porter that he was done. Naturally, reliever Jose Cisnero issued another walk, then a Michael Saunders two-run double. It proved to be Seattle's only hit on the night, and they won 4-2, with Bedard getting hung with the loss.

After the game, Bedard gave an honest, blunt explanation of his decision, as he typically does:

"I've had three shoulder surgeries. I'm not going over 110 (pitches). I'd rather pitch a couple more years than face another batter."

I can see his point, but I wonder how many loudmouths whose livelihood does not depend on the integrity of their left shoulder will hammer him for thinking that way...and especially for having the nerve to admit it.


Commishbob said...

The Astros find the most amazing ways to lose. The Seattle series was pretty typical. Friday nite they have a guy hit for the cycle and they still get their butts whipped. Last night they lose despite throwing a combined one hitter. And today they get crushed.

Bo Porter is going to need therapy.

deal said...

Has Dave Johnson had anything to say about Bedard's performance?

Zach said...

As an Astros fan, baseball fan, and human being, I think Bedard is smart. He rehabbed from 3 shoulder surgeries already, why risk another?

By the way, I knew the Astros were dead this year on the last day of Spring Training. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the game in Florida. After the game was over, I stood along with maybe 3 other people near the path where players walk off the field -- the guys walked by dejectedly (even though they just won their last Spring Training game) and I clapped for them and said "Good luck this year guys!" and they all looked up at me like I was a wild invalid.

Kevin said...

Bob - At least he's getting paid for his troubles.

Deal - I haven't kept up with Dave Johnson's analysis recently. I'm sure he had some choice words.

Zach - Who says that hope springs eternal?