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Monday, July 1, 2013

Brian Roberts, 2006 Fleer #232

Hey everybody, Brian Roberts is back from the disabled list!

...Yes, again. I must sound like a record that has been smashed to bits (broken doesn't begin to cover it), but I hope and wish and plead for the angels of fate to leave the Orioles' erstwhile All-Star alone for a good long while. Let him be. Bring no harm to his hamstrings, cranium, vertebrae, abdominal and oblique muscles, elbows, hips, groin, or any other part of his so-recently brittle body.

Last night finally marked Brian's return from his latest DL stint, as he'd missed 79 games due to a hamstring tear that required surgery. Easing back into the lineup in the number nine hole and serving as the designated hitter, the 35-year-old struck out, singled, and hit a sacrifice fly for the Birds' crucial fourth run in a 4-2 win over the Yankees. In his first game at Camden Yards in a full calendar year, Roberts contributed to a sweep-clinching victory and basked in a loud ovation from the fans who have pulled for him since his rookie year of 2001.

The trusty cliche of "taking one game at a time" never seemed as apt as it does for Brian Roberts. One game in the books. Can he make it through a full series in Chicago? A full road trip, which also passes through New York? Will he last until the All-Star Break? Through July? Through the end of the season, and maybe even the postseason?

Any day that ends with Brian Roberts still standing and in playing health is an important one.


Commishbob said...

I picked him up for my fantasy team out of loyalty and because if I'm going to finish last (and I will) I might as well do so with guys I can root for.

Glad to have you back, btw. Hope OC was fun. I miss the place. Hoping to get back there next summer.

Anonymous said...

Not that I wish any ill on Brian - my wife would beat me senseless if I did - but sometimes I feel like this will all culminate with Brian's going out like a Spinal Tap drummer and just exploding on the field. "There was a flash of green light, and that was it. There was nothing left except a small green globule on second base..."

Kevin said...

Bob - OC was wonderful. My fiancee said that she hadn't spent any real time at the beach for almost ten years, and now she wants to go somewhere warm and sandy for our honeymoon...she twisted my arm.

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