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Monday, June 17, 2013

David Hernandez, 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights Chrome Rookie Refractor #CHR2

This is one of the cards that I acquired in Thorzul's May card draft. There was a 55-card chrome refractor insert set in 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights, featuring a bunch of that season's notable rookies. In addition to David Hernandez, there are also shiny rookie cards of Chris Tillman, Brad Bergesen, and Nolan Reimold elsewhere in that set. Anyway, I wrote a post last month explaining how the card draft worked and how enjoyable it was to come away with a variety of unusual cards. You can read that here.

Thorzul is currently accepting entries for another card draft, and this one is purportedly more vintage-heavy, so I threw my hat in the ring after a bit of dithering. But the fate of this draft is now in jeopardy. After two open calls for entrants, six of the ten draft slots remain unclaimed. Thorzul's giving folks one last shot to sign up before he scraps the draft and refunds the entry fees. If you've got $18 to burn and you want to join the fun, sign up here. In return, you'll get 15 cards. Will you land some nifty relic cards or autographs or even some 1959 Topps? That depends on where your priorities are. I got a lot of the cards I wanted the most in May, because each collector has his or her own idea of what makes a great and/or desirable card. So come on, don't leave us hanging!

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