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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cal Ripken, Jr., 2007 Fleer Ultra Iron Man #UIM-6

I had tickets to tonight's game, a tense 3-2 pitcher's duel that was probably one of the finest games Miguel Gonzalez has ever pitched. The O's held on for their second straight win over the Angels...and I watched from my couch, because the strep throat I was diagnosed with last week is resistant to penicillin. Hooray.

Since I had 20 minutes to kill in Target while my new prescription was filled, I cheered myself up by blowing some cash on a 10-pack Fairfield repack. Much to my relief, there were only two junk packs: 1988 Fleer (I don't have much of that set) and 1991 Donruss Series One (I could wallpaper my house in that ugly, stripey blue crap). But the rest of it was a decent variety from the past seven years. I even got an O's card for my collection, and you're looking at it. I now have four of the 50 cards from Fleer Ultra's 2007 Cal-only insert set. This one, for those of you with mortal eyes that cannot read foil-on-foil, celebrates his outburst on September 3, 1983. On that day, Ripken went 5-for-6 with a pair of doubles, a pair of homers, and four RBI as the Orioles pounded the Twins 13-0. Of course, the photo is clearly from the mid-1990s, and that bugs the hell out of me, but we've been down that road before.

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