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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Albert Belle, 2001 Topps Gallery #82

I have had it up to here (placing my hand at eye level) with these monkey-loving spammers leaving junk comments on my syrup-blasted blog posts!

Sorry to swear, but it's really annoying. I've been writing and scanning and posting and whathaveyou for five and a half years here, and for most of that time, this blog has been relatively unmolested by those faceless lowlifes with their baffling snytax, often-unpronounceable screen names, and highly dubious hyperlinks. (Except for this Rick Helling post...for some reason, it draws spammers like flies to a bug zapper. Is it because I used "dirtier" and "suck" in the same paragraph?) But more and more blatant spam comments are cropping up on my recent entries. I'd already added that super-irritating word verification, which doesn't seem to slow them down. Now I've gone and switched comment permission from "anyone" to "registered users". I hope it doesn't keep any of you from commenting, but a little extra security goes a long way. Still, I know that even this isn't foolproof. My 1993 Topps blog is already registered-user-comments only, and there are still barnacles that manage to open a Blogger or Google account and leave their slime trail on the bottom of my posts. Why even bother? Orioles Card O' the Day tops out at 300 page views a day. 1993 Topps hasn't cracked 70 in a single day. Is there such a hunger for low-hanging fruit?

All I know is that if these spammers don't leave me be, I'm gonna turn Albert Belle loose on them. Nobody wants that.


--David said...

I agree. I've seen a swell of spammers posting comments lately. Google used to do a pretty good job of marking those as bad, but now it seems they don't even bother. What a pain.

night owl said...

Google/blogger is really slipping. It's annoying even me and I don't get bothered by stuff like that easily (for example: word verifying never bugged me).

jacobmrley said...

Actually, I got my first spam comment recently and I have always used word verification. I guess it is probably a combination of google not caring and spammers getting better. Plus, as we all, know write ups about baseball cards are very lucrative.

Jim said...

So frustrating. Blogger has been giving me headaches lately and the spammers wanting me to click a link to their online casinos makes me want unleash my inner Albert Belle.