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Friday, January 4, 2013

Vintage Fridays: Jim Palmer, 1975 Hostess #126

Tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM, autograph vouchers for Orioles FanFest (two weeks away!) go on sale. As I've done each of the past two years, I'll be dropping $15 for one voucher. It's worked out pretty well thus far, as I added signed cards of Dick Hall, Matt Wieters, Jim Johnson, Troy Patton, and Buck Showalter to my collection. (Oh, and Craig Tatum and Alfredo Simon. Can't forget them just because they're not very good at baseball!) Before the player and coach lineup was posted earlier this evening, I thought that this might be the year that I finally get a Jim Palmer autograph. Unfortunately, the Hall of Famer's a part of some less-than-exciting combos. At 12:40 PM, he joins 2012 first-round draft pick Kevin Gausman and backup catcher Taylor Teagarden for some grins, grabs, and 'graphs. Then at 3:20, he's the meat between the white bread of relievers Luis Ayala and Pedro Strop. For overall appeal, I'm drawn toward the 2:00 foursome of Brady Anderson, Jake Arrieta, Troy Patton, and Brian Roberts. Since BRob wasn't well enough to attend last year's FanFest, I still need his John Hancock. I grew up watching Brady, and I don't have any signed Arrieta cards either. I don't mind doubling up on Patton.

Sorry, 'Cakes. Maybe in 2014.

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