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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Glenn Davis, 1992 Fleer Ultra #1

January 10, 1991.

Never forget.

A few observations:

-Yes, I've already written about the Glenn Davis Trade on its anniversary, two years back. Considering that I have written over 1,800 blog posts in the past five years, it's a wonder I don't repeat myself more often. Besides, this trade was such a dud (and was further compounded by the ensuing Mickey Tettleton-for-Jeff Robinson swap) that I am considering making this a yearly thing.

-The juxtaposition of this event with yesterday's Hall of Fame voting, in which both Steve Finley (who received four votes and will be considered nevermore) and Curt Schilling (who received votes on 38.8% of the ballots cast, but probably deserved more) were eligible for the first time, is worth a bit of meditation.

Now I'm going to go stare at the bathroom mirror and say "Glenn Davis" 22 times.


Anonymous said...

Can I please forget?

Rob said...

As a card-crazy teenager, I always liked that year of Fleer Ultra - they were sharp cards and seemed to be glossier than any other glossies at the time...