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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brandon Snyder, 2011 Topps Diamond #213

I need baseball back soon. This has been one of the grayest, dampest, dreariest weeks in recent memory. I yearn for a warm June evening with a light breeze. As the sun sets over Camden Yards, I stroll down the Eutaw Street concourse and buy myself a cold beer. There's a comfortable buzz of voices and activity all around. None of this "pitch black at 5:00 PM" nonsense. No more "two dozen blog posts about Kyle Lohse" as a substitute for actual baseball news. I can stop twiddling my thumbs and waiting with bated breath for Dan Duquette to do something, anything. Maybe I'll even be able to find something to blog about without fishing about in such desperation. Yeah, that'll be something.

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FreeTheBirds said...

Did you pick this card because memories of such a June evening are about as hazy and fuzzy as the backdrop behind Brandon Snyder?