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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Adam Jones, 2010 Topps ToppsTown #FCTTT20

I had planned on updating the blog last night after the Ravens' playoff game, but somehow the insanity of a back-and-forth, double-overtime, 38-35 win absolutely sidetracked me. I think a small measure of credit goes to Adam Jones, who attended yesterday's game in freezing-cold Denver, as well as last week's 24-9 win over the Colts in Baltimore. Although Adam is scheduled to attend next Saturday's Orioles' FanFest in Charm City, a small part of me hopes that he takes a red-eye flight to Foxboro for Sunday night's Ravens-Patriots AFC Championship Game. He's been something of a good luck charm for our city's other Birds.

By the way, A. J. will also play for Team USA in this spring's World Baseball Classic. Will he be able to put the Americans over the top against the nefarious Dominicans, Japanese, and Koreans? Only time will tell.

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