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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brady Anderson, 1993 Triple Play #166

Over the past few years, Brady Anderson has gradually taken on a greater importance to the Orioles organization. In 2010, he began offering training tips and baseball instruction to outfielder Nolan Reimold, and when the young player finally found an opening back into the O's lineup late in the 2011 season, he looked much healthier and more focused than he had in a miserable 2010 campaign. Brady also did some offseason work with Mark Reynolds last year, and the slugging infielder's numbers improved across the board in his debut with the Birds. In spring training, the Orioles asked Anderson to drop by Sarasota as a special instructor. This winter, he's taken on pitcher Brian Matusz for some tutleage and conditioning work. Earlier this week, the team announced that Brady will have an increased role in scouting as well as instruction throughout the organization. I'm glad that the higher-ups have seen the value in having former O's players around who can actually make valuable contributions. For now, I just want to see on-field results from Brady's newest pupil.

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Ryan H said...

It's encouraging to hear that Brady is working with Matusz. I really hope that Brian lives up to his potential this year.