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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brian Roberts, 2005 Bowman Heritage #21

Tonight I had a fantasy draft for a league that I slapped together yesterday, in true procrastinator fashion. I know that one of the immutable laws of our society is that No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team, so I won't give you a blow-by-blow. I'll just let you know that the only Oriole on my squad (a.k.a. Melvin Muammar) is Brian Roberts. In and of itself, this isn't news; this is about the fourth or fifth season that I've had the O's second baseman on my team. But this time, I didn't pick him up until the 19th round. After several seasons as a productive fantasy player who was guaranteed to rack up steals, runs, and doubles, Roberts is a backup plan for Dan Uggla. Even though he's my favorite player, I couldn't justify selecting him before the final stages of our draft - not at age 33, not after he missed more than 100 games last year and sat out several spring training games with a stiff neck and back spasms this month. I still don't want to bet against him, so I took a flyer. It's up to Brian to prove me wrong.


Chris said...

Quite a revelation to have to tell yourself not to draft TOO MANY O's this year, for the first time in ages! Of course with a team name like my annual "O's Faces,", I needed at least one but it was nice to not be reaching for the sake of personal pride for once.

Kevin said...

Chris - I like the team name! One of the other teams in my league is "Big and Grich".