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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Billy Ripken, 1991 Stadium Club #222

Since I assaulted your innocent eyes with the egg-yolk vulgarity of 1991 Fleer yesterday, allow me to make amends with a card that is understated and well-composed, both of which are not to be taken for granted in early 1990s cardlore. As a bonus, we've got two Orioles for the price of one. If that's not B. J. Surhoff in Brewers pinstripes sliding into second base to take out Billy Ripken, then I'm a monkey's uncle.


Laurens said...

As a reader of this site, whenever I see or hear from Billy Ripken on the MLB Network, I always think about your intern experience.

FreeTheBirds said...

Who is the third Oriole? The blurry one in the foreground? Randy Milligan?

Kevin said...

Laurens - Glad to have made an impression.

FTB - That would be my guess.