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Friday, November 26, 2010

Vintage Fridays: Boog Powell, 1962 Topps #99

From the "Where the Hell Does the Time Go?" files, tonight is the 10-year reunion of my graduating class from Archbishop Curley High School. More to the point, it's a reunion event for several classes, in increments of five: 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005. This academic year also marks the 50th anniversary of Curley High, the first high school in the Archdiocese of Baltimore established exclusively for the education of young men. (Translation: it's a stag-fest.) The school was founded in 1960, opened in 1961, and was dedicated in April 1962. How long ago was that? Back in those days, it seems that Boog Powell played left field, and some people still called him "John".

I skipped my five-year reunion, so this is my first chance to witness this spectacle first hand. Keep your fingers crossed that I might make it through the evening unscathed.


Commish said...

1962 Powell.... Absolutely great baseball card!!

Kevin I hope you enjoyed your reunion. I've never been to one of mine.

drew said...

I've always loved this card. Not that I hold any great affection for Yankee Stadium, but it really does quite nicely as a background here. And on a card like this, the backdrop really puts you in the right frame of mind: I mean, if anything could be more exciting for a young ballplayer than making the show, then surely it was playing the Yankees in Yankee Stadium. And to think, on top of that, some guy from Topps asks you if he can take your picture for next year's bubble gum cards.

Kevin said...

Bob - I did have a good time, though the turnout was kind of low.

Drew - You said it. I'd prefer the classic Yankee Stadium backdrop to those rinky-dink spring training fields any day.