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Monday, November 22, 2010

LaTroy Hawkins, 2006 Upper Deck #533

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and former Oriole LaTroy Hawkins is helping scores of families in his hometown of Gary, IN to have a better holiday.

Yesterday Hawkins and his family (wife Anita, 9-year-old daughter Troi, and 18-year-old son Dakari) paid a visit to Embassies of Christ Ministries and donated and distributed 250 10-pound turkeys to needy parishioners and members of the community at large. The ex-Oriole and current Milwaukee Brewer now makes his home in Texas, but insisted that he is a Hoosier at heart and that he's appreciative for all that the city of Gary and its people have done for him. LaTroy also gave away 15 gift baskets via a drawing.

Since Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for the things that we have, it's also important to remember that there are millions of people who are less fortunate, especially in these trying economic times. If you have a bit of discretionary income to spare, please consider donating to a local non-profit like the Maryland Food Bank. A little goes a long way.


Commish said...

He was nothing but class while playing here in Houston. I knew nothing about him until he played here but I came to appreciate him a lot. Thanks for reinforcing my impressions of the guy.

And a happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Kevin. I'm thankful for your blog. It's a nice part of my daily 'Net habit!

Kevin said...

Thank you, Bob! I'm thankful for kind and generous people like yourself who keep coming back to this blog and offering feedback. Have a great Thanksgiving!