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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Glenn Davis, 1992 Topps Kids #65

Topps made some interesting choices with the composition of this card, chiefly the suggestion that one of Glenn Davis' teammates would rather sleep off his hangover than watch the first baseman do his thing. The other players are also wearing blue and white uniforms, which seems odd, and I'm not sure that it's very safe for the batboy to be chilling up against the backstop either.

There's a tinge of foreshadowing here as well. After breaking his jaw in a bar fight in Virginia on June 7, Davis was on the shelf for a couple of months. On August 1, he was back with the team and hoping to be activated. The Orioles were hosting the Red Sox at Camden Yards, and Jeffrey Hammonds lined a foul ball into the home dugout in the fourth inning. The ball struck Davis in the jaw and knocked him unconscious, and he was taken to the University of Maryland hospital for testing. They gave him the all-clear, but he never played another game in the major leagues.


drew said...

I think I would've said "foreboding."

Kevin said...

Drew - That would probably be a better fit, yes.

Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

Of course Davis is linked to one of the worst trades in baseball history. But if he didn't mess up his neck, he would have been really something. I saw him pinch-hit a homer in Chicago that left the park in seconds.